Construction without interior column with ventilated roof void

Bâtiments Kalad’Art developed unique designs and have a long experience of different types of construction. We will help you make the best choice for your projects and your needs.

Bâtiments Kalad’art can also act as a specialized contractor. Under the direction of your general contractor, we take care of design and steel building construction.

Whether you need a steel structure only or the whole building envelope, Bâtiments Kalad’art will team up with you to ensure your projects succeeds.

This free-standing prefabricated steel building design offers several advantages:

  • A large surface without an interior column, which allows for greater layout flexibility without compromises.
  • A factory prefabricated steel structure, which speeds up on-site work, execution and generates savings.
  • Higher wall insulation
  • R40 roof insulation.
  • Interior finishes in metal coating (walls and ceilings) facilitating maintenance and good lighting performance.
  • Metal coating roofing for long-term waterproofing, and faster and cheaper execution.
  • Foundations without columns, for a faster and cheaper execution.
  • Flexibility for future extension projects.


1. Sole

2. Foundation wall

3. Rigid insulation

4. Pre-Fabricated structure

5. External facing: metallic or other coating

6. Roof rack

7. Infeed; C-section

8. Steel roofing: galvanized metal coating

9. Ceiling breakdown

10. Fibre cellulosique soufflée

11. Blown Cellulosic Fiber

12. Wall insulation support: 2 “x 6” spruce or metal “z” bar

13. Exterior air barrier, fiberglass wool with integrated vapor barrier

14. Thermal breakdown

15. Interior metallic coating

16. Ventilated roof

17. Soil and compacted aggregates

18. Concrete slab

19. Smooth joint

20. Mineral wool fibreboard

21. Metal z-bar

22. Steel apron

23. Poutre d’acier

24. Steel beam

25. Pressure Washer

26. Underlayer Membrane

27. Finishing membrane